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28 march 2014

DAB Sistemi Integrati and the 1th National Police Convention

Press Office Gruppo DAB

DAB Sistemi Integrati, a Gruppo DAB company, attended to the 1th National Police Convention that took place in Bologna city on the 20 and 21 March 2014.

The convention has been a point of meeting and dialogue between the Police and the security professionals about the development of synergy in order to enhance the citizen security.

The Sales Manager of DABsi, Mr. Grasso, joined the convention on the first day which was moderated by Mr. Stefano Faso from ASSINTER.

Mr. Grasso has presented a focus titled “Smart City: a new model of Advanced Integrated Security - SIA”, analyzing with the eyes of a City Risk Manager the technology evolution that portray the modern cities.

In the context of a technologically innovative urban environment, where the connection networks allow you to connect not only people but also equipment and systems, DABsi designs security solutions that allow the integration of different systems (Videosurveillance, Video Analysis, SOS totem, License Plate Recognition, variable message signs (VMS), etc.) and to centralize the control thanks to the Operational Center which manage the alarms and the Law Enforcement Agencies.

The Advanced Integrated Security solution permits to manage different events in different scenarios as schools, parks, mobility, public transportation, enhancing the level of territory control and optimizing the total cost of urban security.

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