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28 november 2014

Gruppo DAB and Fondazione Hruby: sharing commitment to protect “a masterpiece called Italy”

Press Office Gruppo DAB

2014.11.28 – In the Crociera room (Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities) takes place the book presentation “Un capolavoro chiamato Italia. Racconto a più voci di un patrimonio da tutelare, proteggere e valorizzare” organized by Fondazione Hruby. The book’s aim is to collect the contributions of the most representative professionals of institution, museums, archeological sites, etc. about security of the cultural heritage.  

During the event, Gruppo DAB has confirmed its engagement to the Fondazione Hruby in order to join and collaborate in the 2015 projects.
The “friendship” between Gruppo DAB and the Fondazione Hruby is an old bond that links the two, both with the commitment to protect the Italian cultural heritage.
Gruppo DAB has already shown its work about cultural sites security by organizing the event “Sicurezza a Regola d’Arte” on the 09 October 2014.