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23 may 2014

Ostuni: DAB Sistemi Integrati protects the City

Press Office Gruppo DAB

On the May 21th the Ostuni Major Mr. Domenico Tanzarellapresented the video surveillance system designed by DAB Sistemi Integrati for the security of the city.

The system is composed of 40 Speed-Dome cameras and is connected with the Local Police Operations Center. This solution is part of the “Obiettivo Città Sicura” program and will be a support to the Police activities.

The core of the entire video surveillance system is a software platform able to centralize all the signals of the cameras; the information will be recorded, stored and managed by the operator workstations.

The system will allow to monitor and control the most sensitive areas including the city center, squares and gathering places, for a total of 10km squares.