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14 april 2014

Urban Areas Security: an integrated solution for Castellammare di Stabia

Press Office Gruppo DAB

Nicola CuomoMajor of Castellammare di Stabia, introduced theHomeland Security project developed by DAB Sistemi Integratiin order to enhance the security of the area.

Over then 100 cameras will be settled in the city and will be integrated in a wider security plan within an open, flexible and scalable software in order to control all the sensitive points of the urban area.

The city will be provided with innovative devices which will communicate by a mixed broadband (part of optical fiber and part wireless) and will be integrated with the preexistent security systems, without ignoring the previous investments.

The cameras, mobile and fixed, will be set on Police vehicles and placed close to crossroads, squares, parks and other strategic locations. The cameras will be able to record day and night, to make video analysis, license plate recognition and more functionalities.

The security solution provides the SOS totem COMETA which is equipped with systems that allow help requests, a bidirectional audio communication, view of the caller and video surveillance cameras.

The project designed allows the dialog between 3 Operational Centers – Comando Pollizia Locale, Commissariato di Polizia di Stato and Stazione dei Carabinieri – that will drive the actions of Policemen, Firefighters, etc., increasing efficacy and efficiency of the security process.

The Castellammare di Stabia project is only one of the many Homeland Security solutions designed by DAB Sistemi Integratiwhich today protects the most important cities in the whole national territory.

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