The maintenance service for security installations and systems is the key element, which completes the integrated Security & Safety solution of the Gruppo DAB.

In order to guarantee efficiency, effectiveness and inexpensiveness of the system and to safeguard the investments it is absolutely essential to maintain and update the technologies of the systems implemented.

A qualified and highly specialised team, distributed throughout Italy, works according to the current standards (UNI, SOA, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004) providing the following services:

  • routine maintenance, control activities and preventive measures at predetermined intervals aimed at monitoring and maintaining over time the functionalities, efficiency and value of the systems and components.
  • extraordinary maintenance, corrective and “on demand” activities, aimed at preventing and immediately correcting any malfunctions, improving and correcting the systems, increasing the value and service life, reducing the obsolescence over time
  • technical call centre, operators available 24/7 to deal with critical issues encountered on the systems
  • remote support, preventive and corrective system support and technological monitoring of the systems, using dedicated remote connections (VPN, Web Browser, etc.)
  • availability 24hrs 365 days a year, trained and equipped personnel, distributed throughout Italy for rapid call outs.
  • spare parts store, 3 spare parts stores throughout Italy always available and well stocked, to guarantee high service levels and minimum service interruptions

Maintenance activities are essential for all technological systems, especially for security systems which must guarantee a continuous operational cycle, where maintenance is at the base of the business continuity and is a strategic lever for control and optimisation of the total security costs. A correct and continuous operation of the systems increases the security but above all reduces the costs necessary for replacing the technologies employed and leads to the sustainable development of the core activities of the company.