City and Territory


Gruppo DAB offers innovative and reliable security solutions for City and Territory in order to protect citizens, property and common areas.


The most sensitive areas in a City are schools, parks and squares. Civic areas and cultural heritage, both often vandalised, should be protected from destruction and possible damage.
In urban areas, security is also important in the public transport network, with particular attention to bus stops, train stations and surrounding areas, which are often locations for petty crime, not forgetting the control of traffic, openings and the Territory in general. Environmental monitoring is also essential in order to ensure Security from unexpected events and disasters.


Urban Security

Area of Intervention

Schools, Parks, Squares, At-Risk Districts, Events Locations


Local Public Transport

Area of Intervention

Public Vehicles, Metro and Bus Stops, Bus Terminals, Stations, Commuter Parking Lots, Access Routes


Cultural Heritage

Area of Intervention

Squares, Museums, Archaeological Sites, Historical Monuments


Monitoring of the Territory

Area of Intervention

Roads, Main Arteries, Crossroads, Bridges and Openings


Environmental Control

Area of Intervention

Dams, Reservoirs, Tanks, Natural Reserves, National Parks