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Cultural Heritage

The immense cultural heritage of our country represents a richness to the world. The protection and enhancement of this heritage requires a complete review of security models to guarantee an adequate degree of protection and usability

The protection of cultural heritage requires a design, planning and the use of specific technologies.

Museums, Public Squares, Monuments and Archaeological Sites should be protected against theft and intrusion, unauthorized access, vandalism, deterioration, damage and fire, while ensuring the security of visitors and staff.

Gruppo DAB has developed Integrated Security Advanced – SIA, a solution that implements access control systems, intrusion detection, alarm, video surveillance and video analysis systems, fire detection, in order to increase the level of security for the protection of Artwork and Archaeological sites. Through an open technology platform, which is reliable and scalable, security & safety systems, systems for technological control and information from other processes, both internal and external to the Company, can be integrated to optimize the overall costs and maximizing the efficacy of systems.

Thanks to a Remote Operational Center it is possible to supervise systems, manage incidents and alarms, coordinate emergency services response and to dynamically change security operating procedures.

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