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Environmental Control

Environmental Heritage is a "natural" shared asset to be protected from natural events and threats caused by human activity.

The DAB Model for Environmental Security has, as its objective, the protection of natural heritage through the implementation of monitoring systems on the state of environmental preservation in order to identify risks and criticalities both of malicious origin such as, damage, vandalism and fires and of natural origin, such as landslides, floods and flash floods

By controlling accesses and ensuring video surveillance through the use of video cameras and other sensors, it is possible to supervise intrusions at dams, reservoirs and tanks and to monitor the weather situation at natural reserves and national parks. The implementation of these systems prevents any crimes by acting as a deterrent, supports activities of prompt intervention in the case of critical events and provides information to support post-event investigations.

By integrating the Security solution with SCADA systems, this also allows for information flows to be controlled in real time, for data to be acquired and processed and alarms to be managed autonomously. The systems are interconnected on a heterogeneous communication network through which they dialogue with the Operations Centre, the active core of the process, and integrate information originating externally.
The capacity of data analysis and correlation allows for the optimisation of the control process and opens up to logics of Advanced Integrated Security – SIA.

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