City and Territory

Monitoring of the Territory

Gruppo DAB, with its Security Model for the Territory, guarantees constant and prompt monitoring of roads, main arteries, crossroads, bridges and openings to control the flow of traffic, to facilitate a rapid intervention in the case of an accident, to identify possible unlawful acts and to manage potentially harmful natural events.

The control of the Territory is run by the Operations Centres, the active core of the Security Model, which, by way of an open and scalable technological platform, acquire, analyse and record data, images and videos from a network of sensors that connects all the monitored areas. The platform is equipped with modules for integrating and communicating with other systems, both internal and external such as licence plates recognition systems and cameras in the area, used for monitoring vehicles, which are interfaced with the DVLA or the Criminal Database for verifications and assessments. Those systems can allow for the collection of statistical data on traffic, monitoring of accesses to limited traffic areas and the optimisation of traffic light control.

By way of the platform, the Operations Centre manages alarm events, coordinating the intervention with the Law Enforcement Agencies and interacting in a two-directional way and in real time with citizens via Info-mobility Systems.

The capacity to analyse and correlate this information allows for the implementation of logics of Advanced Integrated Security - SIA and the optimisation of the monitoring process by operators, attributing to each event an overall and multi-dimensional risk factor.

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