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Urban Security

Gruppo DAB offers to Public Administrations an Urban Security Model that integrates completely with the modern concept of a Smart City.

By combining the use of communication networks and innovative integrated security systems it is possible to supervise locations frequented by women, children and the elderly, such as schools and parks, to monitor districts with high crime rates or areas at high risk and to protect all areas used for major events (parking areas, shows, stadia) from vandalism, damage and violence.

Gruppo DAB's Security solution integrates high resolution Video Surveillance Systems, Video Analysis and Access Control Systems, able to prevent or report potentially dangerous events, implementing procedures of filtered and automated control based upon different variables such as time, type of event and risk factors.

Guided by smart street furniture such as, for example, SOS points, wired benches and smart lighting poles, which allow for requests for assistance to be sent, the interventions of the Law Enforcement Agencies will be more effective and targeted, increasing the perception of security among citizens. The Operations Centre, the active core of the control process, is able to monitor and analyse events and manage the coordination of the forces in the field. Through an open and scalable technological platform, equipped with modules for integrating and communicating with other systems, it is possible to implement logics of Advanced Integrated Security - SIA.

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