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Local Public Transport

The main problems and risks related to Local Public Transport involve muggings, assault, rape, robbery and vandalism, which may also occur in daytime as well as during the night.

In addition to public vehicles, it is essential to control risk areas such as metro stations and bus stops, bus terminals and stations, with particular attention to surrounding areas such as commuter parking lots, access roads and adjacent spaces, which often lack surveillance systems. In order to manage these issues, Gruppo DAB offers the Security Model for Local Public Transport.

The implemented systems work with latest generation technologies, including, for example, integrated AVL systems for the geo-localisation and video-surveillance of public vehicles and remote monitoring systems to monitor, by way of a network of sensors and cameras, at risk locations or those where there are frequent flows of people.

Interactive SOS points, call centre systems with identification of caller location and video analysis allow for critical situations to be reported, thereby preventing dangerous conditions for people.

In this Security Model, the Operations Centres are the core of the process of control and are constituted by an open, reliable and scalable technological platform. That platform is also equipped with modules for integration and communication with other systems, both internal and external. The capacity for analysing and correlating this information allows for the implementation of logics of Advanced Integrated Security - SIA, achieving the following results:

• increase the perception of security among citizens and arouse the attention of Institutions
• prevent crime by acting as a deterrent
• support investigation activities (Video Forensic)
• be economically sustainable in the implementation and operational management phase.

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