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There are many complex requirements in terms of Security for Mass Retail Channel. The most frequent risks are thefts inside the structures and in the goods loading, unloading and storage areas, contamination, vandalism, intrusion and offences committed in common areas.

The Security Model for Mass Retail Channel proposed by Gruppo DAB integrates technologies and human resources to implement a customised solution in terms of Security requirements and optimisation of costs. The implemented systems resolve problems linked to the need for video surveillance, both internally and externally, management of storage system alarms and the related technological systems, to verification of accesses by unauthorised personnel and flows of people. All these Security aspects are controlled in an integrated manner by an open, reliable and scalable technological platform which represents the basis for logics of Advanced Integrated Security - AIS. The platform, thanks to its capacity to communicate externally, can collect data and information, also allowing for the supervision and monitoring of systems of technological control by interfacing with the SCADA systems in place, such as, for example, air conditioning systems, electrical panels, anti-flooding and fire prevention. The result is the optimisation of total costs and, in particular, security personnel to protect the structures.

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