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The Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector, due to the criticality of its processes and output, strongly needs to ensure Business Continuity.

The risks faced by companies relate to fires, sabotage of production machinery, contamination, theft of goods in the loading, unloading and storage areas and industrial espionage in relation to know-how, patents and sensitive information.

The Security Model for companies that operate in the Chemical-Pharmaceutical sector identifies the potential dangers that threaten the organisation and provides a solution that increases resilience and the capacity to respond, safeguarding the interests of the stakeholders, production activities and image and reducing the consequences on a managerial, administrative and legal level.

The proposed Security and Technological Control solution is an Advanced Integrated Security - AIS system based upon platforms that enable external communication and the analysis and correlation of information collected via the implemented Security systems. The adopted and integrated technologies aim to cover the perimeter area with systems of video surveillance, intrusion detection systems and access control and to protect the internal areas by way of fire detection systems, control of entries to sensitive areas, production areas, warehouses and common spaces and the protection of logical accesses to the company's IT resources. The aim of Gruppo DAB's proposal is management as the sole interlocutor of all aspects of Security, maximising results and optimising costs.

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