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In the Oil & Gas sector, there are infrastructures (extraction, transformation, pipelines, port terminals, re-gasification systems, storage) that involve significant Security aspects, related to possible attacks on infrastructures and on personnel or acts of vandalism and theft.

The Security Model for Oil & Gas Infrastructures proposed by Gruppo DAB is an Advanced Integrated Security – SIA solution, based upon open technological platforms, which integrate the implemented systems and allow for communication with external processes, analysing and correlating the information collected and thereby maximising the investment in Security.

The integrated platform includes perimeter control, remote identification of possible external threats, control of accesses to structures by people and vehicles, video surveillance of external and internal areas, automation and control of accesses to various offices, premises and internal warehouses, management of PA systems, management of fire detection and extinguishing, supervision of technical infrastructures and support communication.

The core of the control process is the supervising Operations Centre which analyses the collected data and coordinates the interventions in a targeted manner in the case of critical events. It is able to interact bi - directionally with the systems and sub-systems present in the field, through the use of modern telecommunications networks.

The system software allows for the automation of all procedures of control, maximising the level of Security and optimising the use of security personnel.

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