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The protection and management of offices and buildings of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), companies and annexed areas, such as car parks and warehouses is an issue in continuous evolution.

The most common risks are thefts, intrusions, attacks and industrial espionage: offences that may compromise the management of operational continuity.

Gruppo DAB has designed a Model for the Security of Company Headquarters that integrates into a single system of Building & Security Automation all the different aspects of Security, in a functional and flexible manner, with sustainable costs.

The proposed Model of Security and Technological Control is an Advanced Integrated Security - AIS system based upon platforms that allow for communication externally and for the analysis and correlation of the information collected. The data is recorded by the Operations Centre, the core of the process of control, which performs remote supervision of the perimeters of company headquarters, pedestrian accesses and vehicle gates, the common areas, parking areas, loading/unloading and storage of vehicles. In addition, it identifies critical events by way of video surveillance of accesses to sensitive areas, logical accesses to the company's IT resources and the goods and products production and storage areas. The integration with systems of air conditioning, anti-flooding, fire prevention, electricity panels and generators allows for the optimisation of the total costs of Security&Safety. The maintenance and technical support service provided by highly qualified technical staff is an added value to the solution of implemented Security.

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