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There are many business requirements in terms of Security, Safety and Technological Control. Effectively and efficiently implementing Security Management means responding to criticalities such as theft, sabotage, intrusions, damage, contamination, industrial espionage and attacks, maximising results in terms of “real Security” and optimising costs.

Implementing security management also means integrating Security processes within business management, guaranteeing services that transform Security from cost to value for business competitiveness.

The Security Model for Industrial Sites is part of an innovative philosophy known as SIA - Advanced Integrated Security, based upon the capacity to integrate information, even originating from other business processes, maximising the effectiveness of the implemented systems.

Gruppo DAB offers fully automated solutions for the control and video surveillance of pedestrian walkerways and vehicle gates of plants, properties, production areas, warehouses, common areas, parking areas, goods loading/unloading and storage areas. It offers solutions of integration between logical access and physical access for controlling the company's IT resources with a view to increasing the level of Security.

The platform can also control access to technical rooms that are vital for the business and also allows for the supervision and monitoring of technological control systems through the interface with the SCADA systems present, such as the control of production machinery, air conditioning system, electrical panels, generators, anti-flood and fire prevention systems.

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