Military Bases

Military Bases are infrastructures with extremely significant Security requirements, such as the protection of infrastructures, protection of soldiers and armaments and protection of private data.

A further aspect that increases the complexity of this requirement is the issue of protecting those infrastructures, significantly reducing the use of security personnel employed at present.

The Security Model for Military Bases proposed by Gruppo DAB is an Advanced Integrated Security - AIS system, based upon open technological platforms which integrate the systems implemented and allow for communication with external processes, analysing and correlating the information collected and thereby maximising the investment in Security.

The systems vary based upon the type of site - Military Airports, Naval Bases, Barracks, Ammunition Stores, communication and management Infrastructures, Headquarters.

In all cases, the integrated platform includes perimeter control, remote identification of possible external threats, access control to the structures, video surveillance of external and internal areas, automation and access control, detection of possible computer attacks, management of Safety systems, supervision of technical infrastructures and support communication.

The core of the control process is the supervising Operations Centre which analyses the data collected and coordinates the interventions in a targeted manner in the case of critical events. It is able to interact in a two-dimensional way with the functional systems and subsystems present in the field, through the use of modern telecommunications networks.

The system software allows for the automation of all procedures of control, maximising the level of Security and optimising the use of operational personnel.

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