Companies who operate in Airports must be able to guarantee high level of Security for their customers on a daily basis.

Terrorist attacks, crime, vandalism, theft, illegal trafficking, illegal immigration, sabotage, fires and explosions are some of the main risks faced by airport environments. It is therefore necessary to protect passengers and their luggage, crews, operators, infrastructures, goods and vehicles so as to ensure the appropriate service continuity.

The Security Model for Airports proposed by Gruppo DAB implements a solution of Advanced Integrated Security (AIS), based upon an open and scalable technology platform able to manage Security, Safety and Technological Control systems and to integrate the collected data with information originating from other processes, both internal and external, in order to maximise the overall investment in Security. The principal criticality in designing the solution is the significant dimensions and internal differentiation of airport structures, which have multiple risk areas. The Advanced Integrated Security platform allows for prompt, effective and efficient control of airport flows, basing on automatic alert functions and a consequent reduced use of security personnel.

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