Roads and Motorways

Roads and Motorways are extremely important infrastructures not only from an economic perspective but also socially, since they allow for the circulation of goods, vehicles and people.

Increasing efficiency in terms of Security means guaranteeing the safety of those who transit and reducing costs linked to delays or failed delivery of goods and materials.

The main risks of the sector are intrusions and sabotage in technical rooms or surveillance rooms, vehicle accidents, tunnel fires, thefts in goods storage and attacks in stopping and parking areas.

The solution proposed by Gruppo DAB is an innovative Security Model for Roads and Motorways, based upon an open and scalable platform which, through modern communication networks, integrates different systems of video surveillance, video analysis, intrusion detection, access control, fire detection and safety with interactive SOS points, weather stations, variable message signs (VMS) and other instruments, for the integrated protection of sensitive areas and roads. The platform is also equipped with modules for integrating and communicating with external systems and the capacity to analyse and correlate this data which allows for additional information to be obtained, implementing logics of Advanced Integrated Security - AIS. For example, the systems of Identifying Licence Plate and Cameras, used to control vehicles, are interfaced with the DVLA or with the Italian Public Security National System for ANPR, for cross-referenced control with the database of reported or suspected licence plates. The data is managed by the Operations Centre, the active core of the Model, which coordinates the interventions of the Law Enforcement Agencies.

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