Rail Transport

By size, dispersion throughout the country and variable nature of the contexts, the rail network presents numerous elements of criticalities which require a Security solution able to prevent and protect the core business activities, the financial assets and to implement the necessary resilience to maintain the Business Continuity of the Rail Transport infrastructure.

The Security Model for Rail Transport proposed by Gruppo DAB integrates systems of video surveillance, video analysis, access control, intrusion detection, interactive SOS points to monitor and protect stations and surrounding areas, tunnels, cabins, technical infrastructures, rail depots and level crossings, all of which are locations potentially exposed to attacks and threats.

The Model is based upon an open and scalable technological platform, which allows for the cross-referencing of data collected by the implemented systems with information originating from external processes, increasing the overall effectiveness of the installed technologies. In addition, those systems, linked with the Operations Centre, allow for sending requests for help and to manage with greater effectiveness targeted interventions of the Law Enforcement Agencies. The monitoring and control processes of the Operations Centre may also be optimised and automated, reducing the cost of physical supervision for the constant control of the infrastructures. The capacity to integrate information internal and external to the process describes a logic of Advanced Integrated Security – SIA. The main benefits of the solution are the possibility of controlling widespread petty crime, supporting the investigation activities by the relevant authorities, preventing threats due to natural events and increasing the perception of Security among travellers.

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