Utilities and Energy


Gruppo DAB offers customised Security solutions for Utilities and Critical Infrastructures, guaranteeing Business Continuity and minimising risks due to the interruption of primary services.


Power plants, wind farms and photovoltaic plants, extraction, collection and storage of gas, water networks and waste disposal sites present high levels of criticality.
This criticality are due to theft or damage of infrastructures and systems, loss of control of sites often located in difficult environments and the need to reduce significant costs of security personnel.


Energy Production and Distribution

Area of Intervention

Production Plants, Substations, Primary and Secondary Medium Voltage Transformer Cabins, Energy Distribution Network


Gas Distribution

Area of Intervention

Gas Works, Distribution Networks, Transportation, Regulation and Measurement Points


Integrated Water Cycle

Area of Intervention

Springs, Groundwater, Tanks, Pumping Stations, Collection Networks, Purification Plants


Waste Disposal Cycle

Area of Intervention

Landfills, Waste-to-Energy Plants, Collection Vehicles, Recycling Banks


Alternative Energy

Area of Intervention

Photovoltaic Plants, Wind Farms