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Integrated Water Cycle

Guaranteeing Business Continuity in the water cycle means providing a primary service for the community.

There are many risks involved for production plants and distribution networks, often of malicious origin, such as terrorist attacks, sabotage, contamination or other risks (technical faults, fires, uncontrollable atmospheric events or pollution due to excavation works in surrounding areas). The Security Model for the Integrated Water Cycle offers effective protection of the whole process, from springs and groundwater to drinking water storage tanks, from water treatment plants to water pumping stations, from the collection network and accumulation of wastewater to purification systems together with photovoltaic plants, generally installed to reduce consumption of the infrastructures. Gruppo DAB presents an Advanced Integrated Security - SIA solution, which implements access control and intrusion detection systems, video surveillance and video images analysis, fire detection, anti-flooding and safety systems, in order to increase the Security level in defence of sites and plants. By way of an open, reliable and scalable platform, it is possible to integrate security systems, technologies for technological control and information originating from other processes, both internal and external to the company, optimising the overall costs and maximising the effectiveness of the systems. An Operations Centre remotely supervises the systems, promptly managing events and alarms, coordinating the interventions of the Law Enforcement Agencies and dynamically modifying the Security operating procedures.

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