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Waste Disposal Cycle

The waste market is a constantly growing sector in terms of the potential economic value of waste matter as recoverable material or as a source of energy.

In fact, recycling has steadily increased due to the re-use of materials whilst landfill disposal has decreased, with preference being given to other treatment possibilities with a view to recovery.

The Security Model for the Waste Disposal Cycle proposed by Gruppo DAB implements an Advanced Integrated Security - SIA solution to monitor landfills and waste-to-energy plants, to supervise the vehicle entrances and the correct disposal of waste.

By way of an open and scalable technological platform, it is possible to integrate systems of access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, video analysis and tracking in real time of collection vehicles and refuse bins. From the Operations Centre, the core of the control process, it is possible to monitor “recycling banks”, the type of waste discarded and the time of deposit, reporting any critical events such as, for example, improper or illegal waste disposal, materials and hazardous substances abandoned negligently, presence or otherwise of suspicious persons or things, non-permitted change of route by a collection vehicle and anomalous activities performed by personnel. In addition, the platform, with a view to minimising risks, allows for the implementation of filtered and automated control procedures based upon the events.

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