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The Security of gas works, distribution networks and transportation infrastructures involves significant criticalities linked to the intrinsic risk of the resource and the high value perceived by the community in terms of provision of a public service.

In addition, these infrastructures, usually located outside built-up areas or in areas with low residential concentration, are more easily subject to tampering, intrusion and damage. Gruppo DAB's Security Model for Gas Distribution involves the use of specialist designs, technologies and skills with the basic aim of ensuring Business Continuity and maintaining availability and operational resilience in the exercise of the infrastructures, in accordance with a new philosophy linked to logics of Advanced Integrated Security - SIA. The solution consists of an open, reliable and scalable technological platform which integrates systems of access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance with video analysis systems in order to increase the level of Security in defence of gas works, distribution and transportation networks, hubs of interconnection with the national network, points of regulation, measurement and odorisation (REMI Groups). Those solutions, integrated with SCADA telemetry systems, allow for the automation and monitoring of access only to authorised personnel to all works and the main network equipment, both during periodic and planned inspections. Centralisation, automation and remote control also allow for the minimisation of costs of physical surveillance for protecting the sites, losses due to lack of production caused by system downtime and, in general, reductions in the total operating costs of Security.

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