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Alternative Energy

Wind farms and photovoltaic plants, at the foundation of the so-called "green economy", represent an incentivised business that is strongly developing.

The most common Security issues in this type of plant are thefts of solar panels or cables, damage to structures, loss of control of sites due mainly to the difficulty of physical protection, with consequent financial damage given the significant level of invested capital.

In order to protect these infrastructures, Gruppo DAB offers a solution of Advanced Integrated Security - SIA. The Security Model for Wind Farms and Photovoltaic Plants is based upon an open and scalable technological platform that allows for the automation of implemented Security systems and the integration of collected data with information originating from external processes, maximising the effectiveness of those systems. The core of control of the process is an Operations Centre which monitors the farms remotely and is able to identify alarms and respond in rapid timescales, to activate deterrent systems and to manage access controls in sites at risk.

Gruppo DAB offers its services as Security Partner in implementing a customised solution that guarantees Business Continuity and optimises operating costs.

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