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Energy Production and Distribution

The most common criticalities linked to the Security of infrastructures such as electricity production and distribution plants are their location in difficult environments, the sizes of the plant and the criticalities of the production process.

Theft or damage to plants, structures and systems, loss of control of sites and the need to reduce significant costs of security personnel to control the areas are the main requirements to be satisfied in this sector.

The Security Model for Energy Production and Distribution implements systems at the cutting-edge of technology which allow for the video-surveillance, automation and monitoring of accesses to the critical infrastructures and are able to identify suspicious behaviours, preventing potential offences in order to guarantee business continuity.

In defence of power plants, substations, primary and secondary medium voltage transformer cabins and the electricity distribution network, Gruppo DAB presents integrated solutions of access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance and video analysis systems that allow for the performance of video-inspections and video-controls and for remote interaction with users.

The systems are managed by an Operations Centre and rely upon an open, reliable and scalable technical platform that is able to integrate information even originating from other business processes, in accordance with an innovative philosophy known as AIS – Advanced Integrated Security. For example, the integration with SCADA systems ensures the achievement of high standards of Security, maximising the effectiveness of the monitoring process and reducing the cost of security surveillance.

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