SOS Cometa

The Cometa project arises from the need to efficiently protect urban areas and provide greater security for the residents, allowing a better monitoring of the territory and acting as a deterrent to criminal acts.

The Cometa Column is an integrated SOS point with a video surveillance station, connected to an Operations Centre.

In the case of an emergency, the person, by pushing the call button, is in direct audio-video contact with the operator at the Operations Centre, thanks to the integrated hands-free system and the video camera for identifying the caller.

The SOS point allows optimisation of the infrastructures and has a plug and play structure which activates it with a simple connection to the mobile phone network (3G or 4G).

It is fitted with a security system to protect against external tampering (breaking into, drilling, fire, etc.) and it communicates in real time with the Operations Centre in the case of such an event, and it is also fitted with a siren and flashing light system which can be activated both automatically and remotely in order to act as a deterrent.

Cometa is fitted with a Dome camera which allows 360° monitoring of the surrounding area, operating as a video surveillance station if there are no intervention requests and providing support to the emergency response services as necessary. The event detected may also be tracked from the initial activation phases up to closure, by means of dual audio-video recording both at the Operations Centre and on the Column itself, generating a report which can be useful for analyses performed at a later date.

The system is also modular, expandable, flexible and configurable according to the requirements and contexts. There are multiple applications areas:

  • Car-rail-tram stations and stops
  • Squares, urban areas and pedestrian zones
  • Schools and universities
  • Parks, gardens and cycle tracks
  • Parking and drop-off areas
  • Busy pedestrian areas
  • Ports and harbours
  • Vehicle and plant depots

Cometa is integrated in the PSIM Galassia 3.0 platform and is an essential element of the DAB Smart City solutions, for Rail and TPL Transport, for Ports and for Road Transport.